Limestone is also a popular style of concrete stone veneer. The limestone that we use to create our limestone concrete stone veneer molds are hand picked by us.  We start with a block of natural stones that have desirable profiles.  We then cut and chisel the stones until they are suitable to be used to make stone veneer molds.  After the natural stones are prepared, we cast our molds directly from them.  You may even see a little natural stone dust left in the molds.  

Actually, if you get molds that were made from our freshly made concrete mold tools you will get a little bonus effect.  You will notice that the first few concrete stones that come out of the molds will have a natural quartz sparkle from the natural stone dust that we left in the molds.  
Limestone Molds (mold item #3) 
We currently offer over 50 unique Limestone Molds before you will see a repeating pattern. 
That's 100 square feet of non-repeating stone patterns!

Sizes range from Sizes range from:
Length = 3" all the way to 20"  (9"-12" on average)
Width = 1" all the way to 6" (3" on average)
Thickness = 1" - 2" (1.5" on average) 

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