I refuse to settle ANY disputes through the Better Business Bureau of Southern Nevada.   Out of thousands of customers we've only had a handful of bad apple customers.  As of August 1st 2015 I will no longer allow my company to settle ANY disputes through the Better Business Bureau of Southern Nevada. Like most people I was tricked into believing the BBB was some kind of government agency. In reality the BBB is causing serious problems for honest businesses while hiding the fraud of scammers. Check out Time Magazines great article about the BBB: http://business.time.com/2013/03/19/why-the-better-business-bureau-should-give-itself-a-bad-grade/

Even though my customers have expressed to the BBB that they would like their case removed from the BBB, the BBB of Southern Nevada still keeps the rating low.  

Like Time Magazine says “all that matters, grading-wise, is that the business responded and made a “good faith effort to resolve complaints,” according to the BBB. This means that a business could have a good grade even if it is the subject of lots of complaints, as long as the business dutifully responds — even in a pro forma way.

On the flip side, a business that is committed to handling complaints directly with customers in a substantive way, but does so outside the purview of the BBB, will get a poor grade because the BBB is not involved. So a company can have a B or C rating, or even an F, simply because it doesn’t play by the BBB’s rules, which include looping in the organization with complaint responses and providing the BBB with background information about the company.”

Do your homework about the BBB before you put your faith in them. 

John "Shawn" Romant
SCS Concrete Technologies 

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Online Since 2005.  Millions of square feet of stone veneer have been made in our molds!

Millions of square feet of stone veneer have been made in our concrete stone veneer molds!
John "Shawn" Romant
Founder, Technologist, Lead Designer
"I started this company in the hot water heater closet of my old apartment in 2005". 

Aside from being the founder, Shawn is also in demand for technical projects across multiple industries as a technologist.  After working with the Walt Disney Company during the great digital migration of over 150 film titles, Shawn left the entertainment industry to explore other technologies.  Coming from 2 generations of Contractors and being raised by one of the greatest Concrete Chemists, Shawn gravitated towards construction technologies.  Shawn is currently focused on converting waste materials into stone veneer and other products.  

SCS Concrete Technologies LLC
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We've been an open book since the day our founder started this website back in 2005.  It's because of all of you that we were able to grow from a closet to a full fledged facility.   Without  word-of-mouth we would not  have grown, year after year. 

We're not here to win a popularity contest, and most of us over here are roughneck types, but we're real people just like you.  Don't expect us to treat you like royalty.  We refund "crybabies" at will, because money isn't everything for us. We're here to provide you with quality products and technology, not a spa day...unless you come hang out with us in Vegas of course.

 Thanks for believing in what we do.   
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